Air Conditioning Installation & Replacement

When the time comes to replace the current air conditioning system, count on the service professionals at DucTech to complete your AC installation correctly and affordably.

Many factors will influence the efficiency and lifespan of your air conditioner, but experts agree that the most important determinant is the quality of the installation. Proper installation will enhance system performance and maximize energy savings. Additionally, improper installation can actually be the cause of frustrating breakdowns and can shorten the life of your air conditioning system. Because AC installation is so important, DucTech does not employ salespeople. When our customers schedule an estimate, we only send technicians who are also qualified installers, to ensure that nothing is overlooked.

We offer a range of air conditioner brands and options, from value series models to top-of-the-line communicating systems. Our technicians will explain the different features and benefits, and assist you in making the right choice for your cooling needs. Our customers can have confidence in the DucTech guarantee of quality. We have the necessary expertise and experience you can count on.

Installing the correct A/C unit for your home is important for efficiency and quality. Proper air temperature plays a vital role in the comfort of everyday homes and offices. Nowadays most people have the luxury of driving and working in air-conditioned spaces, and it’s becoming more of an expectation to have efficient and reliable cooling within the home environment too. After all, who can really sleep, socialize, relax, work, or eat comfortably in a sweltering hot home in the scorching heat of summer? We are here to recommend and install the best air conditioning system for your home. When considering a proper A/C system for your home there are three main considerations: temperature, humidity, and particulates.

Temperature: We service and install only the best cooling systems on the market including Carrier, Goodman, Amana, Bryant, Mitsubishi, and Day and Night, to name a few. These top-of-the-line brands will ensure that you have control over the temperature of your space for optimal comfort while also maintaining energy efficiency to keep your energy bills low. Many models now are equipped with smart technology which gives you more control by remotely permitting you to manage the temperature of your home.

Humidity: Weather changes constantly with the seasons, but with changing seasons comes changing humidity within your home. Our air conditioning systems are humidity controlled to allow for comfort, but also for the best preservation of your home materials. We’ll teach you the correct humidity levels for your specific home and how to reduce the humidity on those uncomfortable hot and humid summer days.

Particulates: When choosing a system that is best for your home you must consider the system’s ability to clean the air from allergens or other particulates in the air. Without effective cleansing of the air particulates, the particles will continue to be circulated throughout the home, often increasing sensitivity to an allergen. By properly changing a filter you’ll be able to effectively clean the air in your home, and reduce unwanted particles from continued circulation. According to the EPA, indoor air pollution is one of the top five urgent environmental risks to public health today! Don’t wait a minute more, call us for an air quality evaluation!